Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer Fun! June-July 2013

This summer has been very busy for us.  We have spent lots of time in the sun by swimming, playing in sprinklers, and hanging out with family.  In a few days, our family will change forever as we will have another baby boy joining us.  I am scheduled to be induced the morning of Friday, August 9.  While I am nervous about having four kids (FOUR!!!) I am very excited to have another baby to snuggle and kiss and he will be the last baby for this family.  I will be posting about the little guy when he arrives, but until then here are some recaps of our summer so far.
Movie Time!
Sprinkler/Hose fun!
 This boy cannot get enough of the outdoors!
 Swimming at Ross Park--I love this pool!
 Kids got their faces painted after dad's "To Bone and Back" relay race... which his team took first place in, by the way! :)
 We took lots of trips to G-ma/G-pas' houses this summer... Kids would be completely exhausted on the drive home after our stay 'n play and late nights.
 Our one attempt at a family fishing/camping trip.  Earl took the kids fishing while I stayed at the camp with Lathen.  Leona caught her first fish.  Garrett caught one later that night, but I didn't get a picture of him.  In spite of the smoldering heat that day, we had a lot of fun.  We had yummy tin foil dinners, then Earl took the kiddos fishing again while I attempted to put Lathe to bed in his play-pen crib in the tent.  When they returned, Lathey was still not asleep, but we made beds for G & L in the back of the van.  At about 10:30ish, Lathen was still wide awake and not even close to going to sleep.  Earl said he was half tempted to send me home (about a 45 min drive away) and have me come back the next day to get them.  I said maybe we should just pack it up and head home.  Earl was more than thrilled about this idea, so at 11:00 at night we packed it up.  I have learned my lesson that you don't take a 1 1/2 year old camping!  So our one and only attempt at camping this summer was memorable but a complete bust!

 This is on our trip to my new niece, Farrah's (Spencer and Jessica's) baby blessing in Grand Junction, CO.  I think this picture is funny because big brother is laying on little sister... at least she's probably warm!
 Pirate Garrett in cousin Jesse's costume... this was a fun weekend with cousins, aunts, uncles, g-ma, and g-pa. 
 Fun at the park!
 Oh... and the kids got a new pet guinea pig.  With the help of dad, they named her Patches O'hoolihan. 
 Leona's summer playpal: Kenzie. (She is my cousin, Jason's, daughter)


Krista said...

When I saw a new post from 'sarah' in my blog feed I just assumed it MUST be some sort of mistake but looky here! It's not! Good job Sarah. Last baby... I wish I was closer and I would force my way into the hospital to take pictures of it all and since you would be drugged and stuck in a bed, there would be nothing you could do about it. :)

Westlund Family said...

Good luck with the baby! I am sure that everything will go just fine, hugs and prayers to you and yours.