Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer Fun! June-July 2013

This summer has been very busy for us.  We have spent lots of time in the sun by swimming, playing in sprinklers, and hanging out with family.  In a few days, our family will change forever as we will have another baby boy joining us.  I am scheduled to be induced the morning of Friday, August 9.  While I am nervous about having four kids (FOUR!!!) I am very excited to have another baby to snuggle and kiss and he will be the last baby for this family.  I will be posting about the little guy when he arrives, but until then here are some recaps of our summer so far.
Movie Time!
Sprinkler/Hose fun!
 This boy cannot get enough of the outdoors!
 Swimming at Ross Park--I love this pool!
 Kids got their faces painted after dad's "To Bone and Back" relay race... which his team took first place in, by the way! :)
 We took lots of trips to G-ma/G-pas' houses this summer... Kids would be completely exhausted on the drive home after our stay 'n play and late nights.
 Our one attempt at a family fishing/camping trip.  Earl took the kids fishing while I stayed at the camp with Lathen.  Leona caught her first fish.  Garrett caught one later that night, but I didn't get a picture of him.  In spite of the smoldering heat that day, we had a lot of fun.  We had yummy tin foil dinners, then Earl took the kiddos fishing again while I attempted to put Lathe to bed in his play-pen crib in the tent.  When they returned, Lathey was still not asleep, but we made beds for G & L in the back of the van.  At about 10:30ish, Lathen was still wide awake and not even close to going to sleep.  Earl said he was half tempted to send me home (about a 45 min drive away) and have me come back the next day to get them.  I said maybe we should just pack it up and head home.  Earl was more than thrilled about this idea, so at 11:00 at night we packed it up.  I have learned my lesson that you don't take a 1 1/2 year old camping!  So our one and only attempt at camping this summer was memorable but a complete bust!

 This is on our trip to my new niece, Farrah's (Spencer and Jessica's) baby blessing in Grand Junction, CO.  I think this picture is funny because big brother is laying on little sister... at least she's probably warm!
 Pirate Garrett in cousin Jesse's costume... this was a fun weekend with cousins, aunts, uncles, g-ma, and g-pa. 
 Fun at the park!
 Oh... and the kids got a new pet guinea pig.  With the help of dad, they named her Patches O'hoolihan. 
 Leona's summer playpal: Kenzie. (She is my cousin, Jason's, daughter)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May 2013

 The first weekend in May, my sisters and I (and Lathen) went to Utah to have Emily learn how to do permanent makeup on us.  We were all a little nervous at first because it is PERMANENT and because ...well... OW!! ...But, to our relief, Emily was ultra careful and even more of a perfectionist.  I had her do my eyebrows and lipliner.  My lips were really swollen and the color of the liner was not quite what I had wanted so I was a little scared that this was "permanent".  A few days later my lips were back to normal and since she didn't go too deep the liner faded almost completely.  My eyebrows, however are perfect.  I love them and I will recommend her to anyone wanting permanent makeup.  She did a great job on every one of us.  After that we went to Rachel's graduation from Snow College.  It was the first time in a long time that all of us sisters were together.  It was a fun weekend.  You can refer to my sister's blog for more pics and details on this trip    After that, we all went our separate ways.  
Earl and the kiddos were waiting for me at Earl's parents' house and we celebrated Leona's 4th birthday.  
I cannot believe my baby girl is FOUR!  She is such a sweet, cuddly, and loving girl.  All she wants to do is give kisses and hugs.  I love her so much.  
The next day we went to my parents' and dad took her on a "birthday horse ride".  My kids are so blessed to have such amazing grandparents that live so close to us and never fail to show my kids how special they are. 
 It had obviously been a very long weekend because this is what happened very shortly after we got in the car to head home. (Leona was riding in another car with Earl)
Around mid-May, the weather was still not up to my expectations and I was sick of it, so I took my kiddos to the mall play area... a place that we visit regularly during long, cold winter months.  This baby is so fun and happy all the time!
This is very typical of Lathen. :)
This however is not typical of the two fighters/arguers.  In spite of their constant fighting and arguing, I know that they love each other very much!
Garrett graduated from Kindergarten around the end of May.  
I really can't believe I have a child about to enter 1st Grade.  He loves school and loves learning and reading.  He has had a great year in Kindergarten and we both look forward to a fun-filled summer before he starts full-time 1st grade.

My 3 sweet children :)  Love them!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Catch up!

A lot has happened since I last kept up on my blog.  I am going to do my best to fill in the major details from 2012 and hopefully keep up on 2013 :)  In February of 2012, an addition was added to our family that has been such a light and joy in our lives.  Lathen Shawn was born February 8. 

In the spring, Earl decided that he wanted to go back to school that fall to continue pursuing his degree in Dental Hygiene.  Since we had some time till his school started, we asked our dear family and friends in Ketchikan, Alaska if they needed any more workers in the summer at their fishing lodges.  Luckily for us they found a spot for both of us.  Earl was hired at Clover Pass Resort and I was the nanny.  So we quickly packed up EVERYTHING, put what we could fit into our van and put the rest into storage.  It was a very fun and memorable summer that I am sure our whole family won't forget. 

Earl had to leave in August to start school, but I stayed in AK till mid-September to finish out my job.  It was hard without Earl there, but we were all so happy when we were finally able to be together again.  We enjoyed the short summer/fall weather in Pocatello where Earl was attending Idaho State University.

Early that winter, we discovered that we would be adding ANOTHER member to our family.  After going through many mixed emotions about another child, along with the not-so-good timing, we have accepted and look forward to having another baby.  We learned about a month ago that it is another boy and we couldn't be happier.  Leona was not so thrilled about the news at first as she badly wanted a baby sister.  She must have come to terms with a boy because in her prayers, she now says she is thankful to be having another baby brother.

We had a great Christmas as we spent all of our time with our wonderful family.  We are so blessed to be a part of such amazing families. 

It is now April and we have spent the last four months looking forward to warm summer days.  I am still taking online classes and I am about half-way done and really looking forward to being an elementary school teacher when our youngest is around three or four.  I recently started a job at a daycare/preschool and I really love it!  I am able to take the kids with me when Earl is not home which makes having a job so much easier.  Leona is in the preschool class there and that has been very good for her socially and she has learned quite a bit already. Garrett is in Kindergarten and he only goes 2 1/2 times a week.  The rest of the time, he comes to the preschool with me.  I think he is very ready for first grade and full-time school.  Earl is getting closer to applying for his Dental Hygiene school and is very excited to be done with his general courses.  Our little family is growing and we have made many memories.  We are so blessed to be where we are and we are looking forward to the direction our lives are going.
Our sweet baby Lathen
2 months old (Newborn pics to come)
Leona turned 3!
 ...and she had a slight melt-down when EVERYONE sang Happy Birthday to her! :)
 ...The gifts helped her get over that anxiety very quickly :)

 Lona and Dad enjoying some spring-time trampoline fun

G's preschool graduation

 The 3-day-long drive to Prince Rupert, Canada

...ferry ride from Prince Rupert to Ketchikan

New sleeping arrangements
Leona and Lina... best buds!
My summer job
Summer 2012

Cruise ship docks
(that big blue and white building-looking thing -- that's a cruise ship)
G and L swimming lessons

Clover Pass Resort dock
Growing boy.  Happy baby!

 Beautiful Ketchikan summer day!

We caught this shark in the crab cage!
Creek Street, Ketchikan
Silver King Lodge boardwalk 

Garrett lost his first tooth after Earl left... and I was a little nervous to pull it out.
...Huh... that wasn't so bad!

...and he lost his second tooth a few days later
Late summer hike with Uncle Marc after Earl left
Seriously such a pleasant baby!
Loves Uncle Marc :)

Garrett and Rod talking some serious philosophy
Goodbye Ketchikan and summer of 2012
Ferry ride home

Long car ride home
SOO happy to see dad!!!

First trip to Lagoon with cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents

Lona LOVES grandpa!
She also loves lipstick!
Halloween 2012

Ninja, Rapunzel, Hulk
Leona took a gymnastics class for a few months and loved it!
Fall/Winter 2012
Random pics
 Mango the Sun Conure
We loved this fun bird!
Our play-place during long winter days
...the mall play area :)

Christmas 2012
This picture has a funny little story behind it.  Before the kids went to bed, Uncle Paden told them that Santa was almost there and if they were still up he wouldn't come in.  Shortly later, he went up on the roof and started stomping around.  The kids ran to bed and we didn't hear much from them after that! :)

Dad turned 28!
Leona fell off her bike and hit the bike handle.  It made a huge gash in her chin.  Luckily it wasn't too deep and they were able to super glue it.  She will probably always have a scar there and it really accentuates her "chin dimple"

 The latest news!